From Julie:

“When I commissioned Tyler to create a bike for me, I didn’t even have a clear picture of what I wanted. I knew I wanted it to be a bit rough-and-tumble and I knew I wanted to be able to do some bikepacking on it. Aaand that’s it.

Me: “Go forth and practice thine art and returneth to me when thou hast finished.”
Him: “Are you sure? I can send you some inform-“
Me: “I trust you.”

Of course, looking back on it, this was like someone telling their significant other that they don’t actually want anything for Valentines Day.
I tortured this man for two months. He did everything: drawing up the design, measuring, crafting, purchasing components and putting the bike together. I did basically nothing except breathe in and out and pick the paint colour.
Then I rode it.
I’m sure that some of the people reading this have experienced the cessation of pain and/or annoyance. Now consider that, for 20 years, you have been riding bikes that are slightly too large, slightly too long, slightly this, slightly that… and take that all away.It was fucking amazing. Note that this bike isn’t built for mountain bike trails; it’s built for Trail Lite – dirt paths, gravel, etc. Obviously I had to fuck with it. The 29ers that this bike sports (also compatible with 700c”) made rolling over rocks, roots, and pine needles feel… surprisingly comfy. Considering I have mild-to-moderate carpal tunnel syndrome, this came as more than a surprise. Normally, I’d need to pull on double-wall bubble wrap mittens and cover my handlebars in truncated pool noodles to have feeling in my hands after a ride. Not with this bike.
So, YES, in the conclusion of my custom-made-11-speed version of War and Peace, I’m telling you that if you want a custom bike or bike frame, PICK A HUCKLEBERRY.”

From Keith:

Our riding group has been doing quite a few gravel/trail rides this year, along with our usual road riding. I had been getting along with cobbled together bikes for the purpose, but decided I wanted a proper gravel frame. I’ve known Tyler for some years, in fact he rides with us when he can. So I approached him to build me a frame. I pretty much knew what I wanted so together we came up with a design that I thought would work well for me. Being kind of a retro guy, I was after something modern enough but with an old school aesthetic.  Disc brakes of course, but standard tube sizes for the main triangle, and yes, a level top tube. We chose thin walled Columbus Spirit tubing for the 3 main tubes, and what a good decision that was.

Last Sunday I finally got to test it out. I built it up with quality parts but nothing crazy light or cutting edge, mostly parts I had on hand. The fork is a not terribly light carbon one with alloy steerer. Happily Tyler joined the group for an 84 km ride on road/gravel/trail/and a bit of single track. Off we went into the cool early December morning. I think Tyler had as big a smile as I did all day as I put the bike through it’s paces. The bike is light at 23 lb. very well balanced, responsive, and handled everything like a dream. Oh yes, did I mention? It looks fantastic too. So many thanks Tyler, this is a bike I will enjoy for many years! 

From Richard:

“The New and Improved, Performance Enhanced; 

What started as a, Kona Smoke has morphed into one of Huckleberry Hand Made Bikes’ best-yet builds. Yes, Tyler has out done himself with this gem of a ride. 
Tyler has been fixing my bikes for the better part of 7 years. And, for good reason. There simply is no better bike builder in the Central Vancouver Island area. Did I mention I am an avid cyclist who use to not like, or have time for fixing my own bike?  So, Tyler was, and continues as my go-to man. He is now teaching me how to fix my own bikes, a skill he has practiced for many years. 

Back to Smoke II: 
Enhancements we implemented in this superior bike are; narrower, lighter, and higher end rims. Lighter, yet more durable fork, improved quality drive-train components, disc brakes and a dropper seat post. And the pièce de résistance; a chromoly frame, designed and welded by the best, Tyler Walker. 
Let’s not forget this bike is powered by Richard, its’ most important component. Yes, any bike is only as good as her handler. 
With Tyler as my guide, I am now developing into Smoke II’s fixer! 
This entire experience will be in my memory, under my butt, and stimulating my Spirit forever! 

For the love of riding,