About Us

Huckleberry Handmade Bikes is a custom bicycle fabrication company located in Nanaimo, BC, operated by me, Tyler Walker.

I have been a bike mechanic my entire life. When customers ask me how long Ive been wrenching, I respond, “I started trying to fix bikes as soon as I was old enough to break them.” I have worked locally at Hub City Cycles, Coal City Cycles, and Apex Bikes.

I have visited 11 different countries by bicycle, and taught bicycle mechanics in many of them. My first bicycle mechanic position was in 2006 in Guatemala at Maya Pedal, where I became the lead mechanics instructor.

I race Cyclocross, Enduro, Cross Country, and have raced Triathlon. Mountain biking is at the heart of my being, there is no other sport that completes me the way trail riding does.

I first became inspired to tackle the frame-building business when I saw first-hand a frame made by Naked Bikes. The level of detail and artistry poured into that frame absolutely blew my mind. When it became feasible, I started putting resources towards my new career by completing the “Bicycle Frame Building 101” course, taught by Paul Brodie. I later completed a Welding ticket at VIU, graduating with the highest marks in my class.