Huckleberry Handmade Bikes

A custom bicycle studio located in Nanaimo,

Building Sweet Steeds for Good People.

This bike doesn’t have a name yet. My last CX bike only grew a name once I was ready to let go of it. Barney? Raspberry? No idea.

This bike is basically a Cyclocross/Dirt Jumper/Touring/Gravel/Grocery Getter. 150mm internally routed dropper, a strong beefy frame, very comfortable, very stable with gear on long rides, very maneuverable in tight technical situations. Clearance for 700x50c tires all around.

This is the first frame that I’ve made with a curved top tube/seat stays. Ive always wanted to make one. I think it looks awesome. Every time I ride it, I just want to keep riding it; to leave on a trip, ride around the island, go camping somewhere. It just rocks.
I spent a long time with my previous gravel/cx bike dialing in the fit before I started cutting metal for this frame. I nailed it, it fits me extremely well.

Nigel’s Frame

Nigel is one of the fastest people I know. He’s an older fella, and routinely rips my legs off on the 100km+ rando rides he often does. He asked for a custom frame that fit him better then the current commercially available offerings. We took a close look at his current set ups, and came up with this monster. Internally sleeved dropper routing, space for 700×50, carbon fork, intended to be used with Shimano GRX.
This is the first frame I’ve had powder coated, and Im not going back!

No cats were harmed in the making of this bicycle frame.


Rocking some sparkly paint, in-house made tubing bends, and internal dropper routing; this is my dream hardtail (so far). It is compliant; the rear end has just enough ‘give’ during enduro laps to absorb the bulk of the trail chatter. It is playful; the short 420mm chainstays make it easy to control, on and off the ground. It is nimble; the low centre of gravity allows it to carve berms like a bobsled. I am thoroughly stoked.

This bike is named after my Step-dad, Larry, one of the most generous people in my life. The ‘A’ in the brake support is for my little sister, Angelena.

The Smoke II

Richard is a long-time friend of mine. I have been his bike mechanic for the last 7 years. He has followed me from shop-to-shop, having me spruce up his 2000’s Kona Smoke. Earlier this year, he finally asked me to build him his dream bike!

The Smoke II has space for 700×40, a carbon fork, tubeless ready wheels, hydro discs and a solid 3×9 drivetrain. Not to mention a dropper post! Please see his reference on the references page.

Lotus Pedal

Laura needed a new bike.
Her previous bike was too long, and too low. So we decided to get a bike fit, which resulted in a body position that was tall vertically, and short horizontally. Into BikeCAD we went, and came out with the design for the Lotus Pedal, a new breed of bicycle!
It fits her very well, and she loves it.

Dropper post, space for 700×50, a new headtube badge, and a heart for someone special.


Built from the measurements of an older frame, this Junco was made for awesome. Recycled Surly dropouts, modified fork, 12×142 or 135 QR compatible. Tapered steer tube compatible.

“The Steed”

This frame was made with adventure in mind. 22ibs complete, thru-axles, internal cable routing, and space for a 5″ dropper post. Made for both on road and off. It was painted with a very beautiful sparkly green paint!

From Steve, the owner:
I like how when I need to grind it out with the gears I have to get up a hill, that it is so efficient and powerful. It’s very comfortable and forgiving riding pavement, gravel, single track, really everything I’ve thrown at her.”

Keith’s Frame

Keith is a passionate cyclist, and has a love for hand-made bikes. This frame was made with Columbus Spirit tubing, and weighs in at 23ibs complete. The top tube has a beautiful ring to it! Columbus Spirit tubing is some of the lightest steel I could find.
This frame has clearance for 48mmx700c tires, is ‘old skool’ 135mm qr, and has a straight 1/8″th head tube. Check out Keith’s reference on the reference page!

The GnarBerryWiens

This bike was the first frame that Ive done internal routing on. It proved to be very time consuming, but turned out great. 29er, 64.5 degree head angle, and very long. This frame was painted with automotive epoxies.

Marin Fairfax Re-paint

This is a re-paint of an older Marin Fairfax frame we had, complete with custom decals and a full build with new/used components. For this aluminum frame I used automotive-quality epoxy primers/paints.

Tierce the Bike

Tierce is the name of a dear friend of mine’s dog. In her words, “My dogs are named after bike parts, so why not name a bike after my dog?” The friend, Julie, had never ridden a 29er, nor has she ever had a bike that has ever fit her properly. Working from the geometry of her current bikes, we were able to come up with the ultimate bike-packing/commuting machine for her, with thru-axles, a re-painted surly front fork, and some 29 x 2.3 Maxxis rubber to play with. Her bike was the third one Ive ever made, and what a beauty!

Frank the Bike

Frank is the second frame Ive ever made, consisting of mostly recycled steel to save cost. Its a pig, I havent weighed the frame but the tubing is heavier and thicker then standard bicycle tubing. This frame was meant to be a practice frame, but I ended up riding it for years!